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To find an internship

The students has the charge to find their internship. There are ways to help you (see right). The only restrictions are:

  • The work assigned to the student must match the work of a young company engineer.

  • Closes relatives shouldn’t be in the work environment.

  • The internship should not in a country classified as risky.

  • The company was created and has its own office.

  • Internships are not allowed in a Belgian university lab.

Every year, the cercle polytechnique organizes a Job fair

Les alumnis possède une base de données des anciens.  Elle pourrait vous servir à vous faire un premier contact dans une entreprise que vous ciblez.  Les alumnis organise également un parrainage master qui représente une chance de croiser en une seule soirée un grand nombre de potentiels maître de stage


In order to validate an internship, the student must submit his agreement in triplicate to the BAPP (U.B.4.225) or directly to Cédric Boey (U.B.4.227)Download

 convention de stage [format docx]

 internship agreement [docx version]

Grid n°1: Internship evaluation grid (by the company)

To be filled in by the company supervisor.  To be send at Cédric Boey cboey@ulb.ac.be at the latest one week after the end of the course

 Evaluation grid : docx – pdf 

 Grille d’évaluation : docx – pdf

Grid n°2: Portfolio (by the academic supervisor)

 Portfolio evaluation form : docx – pdf

 Portfolio Evaluation form : docx – pdf 

Grid n°3: Summary text (by the jury)

 Summary evaluation form

 Summary evaluation form

Grid n°4: Interview (by the  jury)

 Interview evaluation form

Guidelines 10 ECTS / 12 weeks

guidelines 2017


bruface website (common rules between 10 ECTS and 6 ECTS)

Mid-term visit

mid-term visit: what ?

  • A 10-minutes presentation (from the student) about

    • The work done
    • The learnings
    • The company
    • A self-assessment
  • To receive the company supervisor feedback

  • Q&A about internship rules/evaluation

mid-term visit: why ?

  • To make a first perspective

  • To determine the goals and delivrables

  • To allow the student to train for the final evaluation

  • To visit the company or the building site (possibly)

Determine the mid-term visit date

To make an mid-term visit appointment

faire une demande de visite de mi-parcours

visite in situskype

Mid-term visit